Contract Boost Calculator

Calculates the number of chickens for a boost set. Assumes max ER.


Equipped artifacts for




Boost Set Presets

Enter the no. of each type of life stones equipped

Enter the no. of each type of dilithium stones equipped


Selected boost preset: 8 token boost set - 1000x legendary (10 mins) tachyon prism and 10x boost beacon

Improved Tachyon boost time: 10 mins 0 seconds

Golden Egg cost (buying singles): 20000

Golden Egg cost (buying in 5s): 16000

Population (online): 2,976,000,000 chickens

Population (offline): 8,928,000,000 chickens

Max hab space: 11,340,000,000

Maxed habs? No ❌

Heavily inspired by hashtru's Contract Boost Calculator